Production system Production system

Production system

To respond to diverse needs,
we have constructed a production system
achieved by cooperation between two companies.


In the flow of our business, Step acts as the point of initial contact for client requests—first meeting with the client and working on design and development of molds in consideration of the required levels of accuracy and quality. Depending on the content, Step may work with Futaba Seisakusho to achieve the optimal molds. We have constructed a cohesive, consistent system from order receipt to shipment based on cooperation between the two companies. The entire company is also working to improve product quality, improve process efficiency, and reduce costs.

Responsible for sales and designStep Co., Ltd.

  • Ordering

    We have established a flexible ordering system enabling us to respond to all kinds of client requests, including utilization of databases and the Internet as well as participation from the product development stage.

  • Design review

    We respond to client requests in close cooperation with our manufacturing site, enabling us to provide considered solutions. We thoroughly examine the content of each request and consider appropriate methods and procedures down to the smallest detail.

  • Design

    In consideration of required levels of accuracy and quality, when designing molds we prioritize mold safety, yield improvement, handling issues, and similar factors.

  • Production control

    From ordering through to shipment, the entire flow is shared using production management information. By concentrating information such as process management and performance management, we strive to improve work efficiency.

  • Computerized process management system
  • Shipment

Responsible for processing and productionFutaba Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

  • Pre-processing

    We process the exterior appearance and mounting specifications of the mold using various milling machines. In plane polishing, in addition to ensuring accuracy, we also use high-precision polishing machines to perform post-processing to a finished state that meets the forming requirements.

  • Blade forming

    Blades for direct carving are designed by CAD and manufactured in-house. Shapes and numbers of each item are set in cooperation with processing staff.

  • Product processing

    The majority of our machine tooling space is air-conditioned 24 hours a day. We also manage the work site by adjusting humidity, airflow, etc. to ensure mold processing is not adversely impacted.

  • Finish processing

    We carry out final polishing and mold assembly. The work done here determines the finished state of the product and the usability of the mold.

  • Inspection

    Product inspection (measurement) is carried out using various types of measurement equipment as well as human inspection.
    A thorough quality control system is always in place along with inspections between each process step.